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157 (5ft1') Mixed-race Sex Doll RRS version - T20 Mily

  • item no.:

  • lead time:

    Two months
  • product orgin:

  • Head No:

  • Body Length:

  • Product Series:

  • Type of sexual intercourse:

    Vagina & Anal
  • Material:

    Platinum material
  • Origin:

  • Production period:

    Two months
  • Shipping period:

    7-10 days
  • Payment Method:

    Bank transfer
products description

157 (5ft1') Mixed-race Sex Doll RRS version - T20 Mily

Silicone Sex Doll Information

                    Material: Platinum Silicone
Internal Structure: Metal Skeleton

Bust/Waist/Hip: 80cm*57cm*87cm
Weight: 32kg (±3kg)

Body length: 140cm (±3cm)
Anal Depths: 13cm  (±1cm)

Vagina Depth: 10,12,15,17cm  (±1cm)
Sex Type: Vaginal, Anal

Neck Circumference: 25cm  (±1cm)
Shoulder: 36cm  (±1cm)

Arm Length: 61cm  (±1cm)
Hand Length: 14cm (±1cm)

Leg Length: 80cm  (±1cm)
Thigh: 43cm  (±1cm)

Calf Girth: 30cm  (±1cm)
Feet Length: 21cm  (±1cm)

*Top-sino extreme edition is including the standard options as follow.

1. RRS effect. The first R stands for hyper realistic painting; The second R stands for realistic skin texture and S stands for smooth matte effect.

2. Implanted eyebrows

3. Movable mouth.

4. Ultra soft options(breasts, vagina, anus, ass, inner thigh, belly)

5. New shoulder joints

6. Fingers joints

7. Anti-puncture palm design

8. Side waist joints

9. Realistic skin texture

10. The 3rd Generation Standing without bolts

11.  Realistic tongue

12. Realistic mouth

13. The 2nd generation movable eyes

14. Customize vagina size (10cm, 12cm, 15cm, 17cm)

15. Feet thumb and sole joints

Inspiration for T20 Mily head

T20 head carving is a new series of products of our company. Its design concept is based on the influence of modern mainstream aesthetic culture, and finally forms a work with a blend of eastern and western styles.


In the contemporary environment, the increasingly close cultural exchanges between the East and the West have brought endless creative inspiration to many artists, and at the same time gave birth to many works of art with different styles. Just like the T20 head carving, under the background of traditional oriental aesthetics, it embraces western aesthetics and collides with a unique and evocative aesthetic culture.



T20 head carving is based on realism - "art is the direct reproduction of nature." A touch of romanticism is cleverly added, that is, under the premise of focusing on the true appearance of the characters, according to the aesthetic orientation of the customer group, some ideals are made imagined. It makes the works novel and not out of the ordinary, delicate and yet general. How to make the work show the characteristics of both eastern and western people at the same time, so that the two can be harmoniously and skillfully integrated, lies in the choice of the two. T20 head carving works, when referring to Western aesthetics, the face shape is more neat and crisp, the jaw line is more obvious, and the three-dimensional sense of the cheekbones is rich, so that the head carving looks capable and compact, and visually brings the charm of mature women .


In the way of facial features, we refer to the characteristics of Western women, and at the same time use Eastern women to neutralize them, so as to make a delicate balance between the two. The eyes reflect this skill very well, which is slightly more profound than Eastern women. The eye sockets make the characters look more energetic; the use of the outer double eyelid can well reflect the "exotic" style, and with the slightly sharp inner and outer corners of the eyes, the works are charming and sexy, which is clear at a glance.



The relatively obvious and straight bridge of the nose with Western characteristics brings the stereoscopic of the face to a higher level, and the relatively strong turning changes show the volume and light and shadow of the eyes most vividly. The nose part has been treated closer to the characteristics of oriental females, weakening the more aggressive features of the hooked nose, making it more harmonious and harmonious in appearance, and well reflecting the unique beauty formed by the combination of the two.



The expression technique used for lips is characterized by thin upper lip and thick lower lip. It refers to the small and full lips of oriental women to shape and portray, and the painting expression concept is also the same. The character is even more brilliant, with the gentle temperament unique to oriental women in the sexy charm. The muscles around the lips have been weakened, which is closer to the facial muscle lines of oriental women, which can well express the primary and secondary relationship and highlight the characteristics of the lips. Delicate lips can bring people a more extreme experience in terms of sensory and use experience.


Returning to the overall vision, the T20 head carving is close to the stereoscopic of the western women's elegant and capable faces. No matter what angle you look at, the sense of volume and realism will not be weakened in the slightest. If you look closely at the facial features, under the stereoscopic carving, the appearance will emerge. It is the introverted, graceful and gentle charm of oriental women. It is the balanced and coordinated combination of Eastern and Western aesthetics that creates the unique beauty of the T20 head carving.

Package Information:

Selling units: Single item 

Package type: FP - Flight package / CP - Carton Package

Single package size: FP - 145-47-47cm / CP - 140-43-28cm

Produce Period: Two months

Accessories: A wig + A set of clothes + A set cleaning device + A pair of gloves + A comb

Delivery time: 7-10 Days


* In order to show you the best, please be gentle with me, rubbing too hard will damage my makeup. Liquid likes alcohol, Washing fluid will hurt my skin.

* Custom make-up is available now, Sino will charge relevant fee for the custom make-up.
* Keep in mind that picture colors may vary depending on screen resolution and device settings.
* Free outfit does not match the one on the pictures.
* The product is purely artificial manufacture, so the above data might be exist difference, kindly reference the real product.
* There might be exist color difference, There might be exist color difference.
* Ultra soft Vagina, Ultra soft Ass and Ultra soft inner thigh, there are exist softness difference, kindly choose  these option carefully.
 If you have any question, please don't hesitate to contact Sino-doll for further assistance.

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