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About us

Guangdong Shunde Xiannaxin Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the research and development and production of high-end platinum silicone physical dolls and intelligent simulators, and high-end silicone medical products and simulation toys as auxiliary products. It is specialized in the development, production and sales of high-end silicone products. Manufacturer of silicone products, and has nearly 10 years of industry experience in silicone physical dolls. Sino-doll and Top-sino are the original brands of Guangdong Shunde Xiannaxin Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. All products under the brand are original products developed by our company.


Our products use safe, durable, high-quality platinum silicone materials, and use advanced production technology and unique production technology. The products are delicate and rich in softness and skin resilience. The surface is silky and smooth, giving people a kind of Skin touch and visual experience that resembles a real person.


XIAN, quality first; NA, accept all rivers; xin, keep promises. The simple name has profound meaning behind it. The company always adheres to this business tenet, continues to improve and upgrade product technology and production technology, and actively introduces professional talents. Cutting-edge technology is integrated into product development and production. We insist on integrating consumers' real and essential use needs and unexpected use experience into products, and focus on the continuous improvement of product refinement, simulation, and intelligence, so that your life is full of intelligence, fun, and interest... …


At present, our company has general agents and product agents in Japan, Taiwan, Europe, America, Asia and other countries and regions, and our products are sold at local and abroad. Due to the high degree of simulation and high-quality performance of the product, it has attracted a large number of photographers to buy it.


In today's society, the silicone entity doll is not only an adult sex toy, but also a work of art. We create beauty and dreams. Our rich experience and outstanding performance are our core competitiveness. The continuous improvement of the performance of silicone dolls makes our products more and more perfect......

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