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152cm(4.11ft) Asia Silicone Sex Doll - Buyer Evaluation 10 Aug 2019

152cm(4.11ft) Asia Silicone Sex Doll

- By TDF's Fan

The 152cm realistic sex doll was on my radar for a long time – since the original release actually, but it wasn’t until I saw Osmond’s photos ( that I knew she was the one. I’d always been sure that I wanted a smaller doll next, as I have Tomoe (a DS 167) already, and I wanted my next doll to be a bit lighter and more easily manageable. I’ve had her about a month, and I wanted to wait that long before posting a review, otherwise it’s more just initial impressions.

smile face sex doll

Order Date: Saturday 1st June
Factory Photos: 22nd June
Delivery: 08th July


As a lot of reviews have said, the packaging of Sino-doll sex doll manufacture is really second to none.The petite real dollcame sealed in a plastic wrapped box with some minor dinks and dents from transport. Inside, she was protected by a body-moulded layer of foam that stopped her from moving at all during transit. On unpacking, I was delighted to find absolutely no damage of any kind.

Sculpt and Skeleton:

The 152 is very petite – even more so than I expected. This tan skin sexdoll does have a nice body line though. I had wondered whether her breasts would seem too large for her frame in person, but like in the promotional photos, they are nicely sized with her body without looking too unrealistic.

Her skeleton feels sturdy and well-constructed. She has stiffer joints on the legs/hips which is nice and gives me no concerns about standing her. Speaking of standing, she is quite small at 152cm, but is a very beautiful doll for photography, and weight wise she feels around the 30kg mark (which matches her description). Her height makes her quite easy to manage, but she feels quite substantial for such a small doll. If I had to guess, I’d say that the substantial feeling is due to her being mostly solid silicone – she feels like it and that’s a good thing!


I think that people will probably find it interesting if I take each option that I selected in turn and discuss them a bit, as from my own research before purchase, I found that clear information was hard to come by.

adorable real doll

STANDING FEET: Standing with studs

I went with standing with studs for durability and reliability. This lifelike sex doll came with 3 plastic bolts in each foot that end in plastic heads that protect her feet from touching the ground. The screws go directly into the skeleton through little holes in the silicone. They let her stand without damaging the silicone of her feet, but obviously she needs a 3rd point of contact as she can’t balance on her own. They do their job perfectly, so are a great option I’d recommend on any doll.

As I like to photograph my dolls, I chose shrugging shoulders. I have to admit that they’re hard to review as I’m not sure which shoulder joints are “normal” and which are the shrugging parts. Regardless, she holds a variety of positions really well and all of the movements have a natural look and don’t lead to any unsightly creases or anything. Her shoulders can shrug vertically, which I guess is the extra joint. I’m not sure I’ve actually used them a lot, but it’s a nice option, and doesn’t seem to have a downside that I can see.

SKIN TONE:Tan skin silicone doll
Skin tone was a bit of a question mark area when ordering. I contacted Sino beforehand to ask about the dark tan and regular tan options, and they suggested including a picture of what I want with the order, which I did. When I got the factory photos, she looked quite pale (I think it’s the bright working lights), but in person, the tan looked a lot darker and more like what I’d originally wanted. Her skin is more of a naturally bronzed tone than brown and it’s quite a realistic colour – like she spends a lot of time at the beach. Her tan skin is also incredibly photogenic and she is very easy to get good photos of.

sport sex doll

Soft breasts are standard, but I also ordered the soft thigh and butt as well. Sino have very soft silicone anyway, and I’d heard it likened to TPE. I can confirm that her silicone really is very soft even where she doesn’t have implants. It’s a realistic softness that coupled with the skin texturing is quite special. The breasts are very soft and lifelike, butt is firmer and doesn’t have the jiggle that the breasts do, but is nice and squeezable. The inner thighs are nice too and help add to the already soft legs. She feels very nice and tactile in all the right places!


The S8 face is very cute, and the makeup work is quite exquisite. As with her body, her head is quite small, so it may be hard to find hats for her! (although I’ve found that wigs are ok if you adjust them with the straps). She does have an oral canal, but I won’t be using it as I don’t want to damage her face. I kind of wish you could choose whether to have the oral facility on a head or not. She doesn’t have any teeth or a tongue, but as her mouth is shut, it doesn’t really make a difference aesthetically. I did notice a slight chemical type smell from her face though which seems to be going away over time, and I can only assume is from the way the makeup is done or sealed.

I’ve noticed in photos that she can sometimes look quite mature which is nice given her size. She looks quite expressive, and her makeup is very finely applied. I really like what Sino did, in that they haven’t overdone her makeup and she looks quite natural. The touch of pink/red around her eyes adds a real innocent sweetness to her, and she gives off a sort of friendly feeling (if that makes sense).
tan skin sport love doll

For a bit of added realism, I wanted to try the implanted eyebrow option. Of all the options I chose, this was by far the most expensive, and probably the most subtle as well. The hairs are individually punched, but it looks like her eyebrows are drawn on underneath too. For the price, it’s definitely a choice for the photographers out there, and not a “must have” choice. It does add to the realism though, but not in a massively noticeable way day-to-day.

What can I say, it’s really soft. The first few inches are a thicker silicone that isn’t as soft (to resist any potential tearing presumably), but the internals are incredibly soft and feel really amazing. I almost can’t recommend this option enough to anyone getting a doll from Sino that they’re going to use for sex. Coupled with the overall softness of the doll, pose-ability of the skeleton and her overall realism, the Ultra-Soft vagina makes her a force to be reckoned with in the bedroom! After a month, I haven’t seen any sign of damage or wearing, so I think any modifications Sino made to the 152 to prevent this have worked nicely.

Pokemon sex doll

I chose number “7” implanted hair. The overall look is really good. I think it’s more realistic looking than the eyebrows and very much worth it if you want pubic hair. The hairs look to be individually punched, and seem to be well rooted. It adds a nice level of realism, and there are different styles to choose from.
The Sino 152 is very petite; not just in height, but in build as well. She has a very slim waist and hips, so she is definitely a doll that will appeal to those who like petite women. In particular, with the S8 head, she captures the essence of cute Asian beauty very well!
Her silicone feels soft to the touch. I can only compare with DS silicone sex doll, but she is noticeably softer in all areas than the DS 167 Evo. She isn’t that heavy, but does feel heavy and substantial for her size. To touch, she feels like she is made of solid silicone, with no noticeable difference in softness between her skin and any core materials that they may use (I’m not sure about her construction, but I really can’t tell, she feels soft all the way through). The 152 skeleton feels sturdy and well-adjusted. She is quite flexible. I’m not interested in pushing her to extremes, but her legs bend past the 90 degree mark for sitting or sex with no hint of strain anywhere. She also bends well at the waist both forward, backward and side to side.
blonde love doll
Overall, I think the 152 is an amazing doll, especially given her price and that she is silicone. She has great realistic looks, and a quality build that makes her an excellent choice for photography or companionship. Just as importantly for people looking for a sex doll, her softness, pose-ability, and the excellent ultra-soft vagina make her excel as a sex doll.

After a month, I’ve had no problems with any damage or anything. Her skeleton’s joints still feel tight. I actually have no complaints about her whatsoever. If Sino could change anything in the future for the S152, I’d probably say that her wrists feel a bit fragile. I’ve had no problems with them, but possibly the skeleton could be updated there. Other than that, there are a few minor areas where the finishing could be better – like on some of the seam lines, particularly around the hands/fingers. That said, I’m comparing to a DS doll that is almost twice the price!, so I’m just picking a few odd things out that could be improved.

Personally, I recommend buying a doll that you fall in love with looks wise (which I did), but I’d recommend Sino to anyone looking for a doll. For quality and price, I think they’ll be hard to beat!

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