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The 2019 Sino-doll Sex Doll Head Collection - Find Your Dream Girl (Episode 1) 13 Jun 2019

This topic is used to review all of Sino-doll's product and a brief introduction
to the inspiration of these heads.
Let's go to review how many heads did Sino-doll release.

Episode 1

S1 152cm Shangshan
Japanese Sex Doll

Shang Shan’s inspiration comes from Japanese girls, she

is the first representative of the Sino-doll sex doll manufacturer.
She is 152cm tall and has a proud H cup, a full round hip and a
pitiful look. If you like Asian-style sex dolls, Shangxian will be a
sex doll that you want to protect her.

S2 172cm Amanda
Realistic red hair sex doll
Amanda not only has the charm of an oriental woman, but
she also exudes the charm of Western women. So she is a
beautiful mixed-race doll. Red hair, bright red lips and red
long boots can add a lot of maturity to her.

S3 172cm Yujing
tall white skin love doll
Yu Jing is a representative of Chinese sex dolls. Although this
Chinese sex doll does not have the deep facial contours of
Western women, her eyes and appearance can tell us that
she is a mixture of conservative and wild.
Oops, forgot to tell you that many people say that she is a
full size celebrity love doll. Can you guess which super star dose she
looks like?

S4 161cm Jasmine
Jasmine realistic sex doll
When a sex doll blends the culture of art, then she is not just
a product, but a work of art, deep facial contours, customized
tattoos and seductive curves. While enjoying your sex, you also
appreciate a piece of art.

S5 161cm YuTing
celebrity sex doll
Sino-doll is China's silicone sex doll factory, we hope
that everyone can understand some Chinese culture through
Products. The cheongsam is the best representative. The
cheongsam began in the uniform of the Shanghai Women's
School during 1912-1949. It represents the image of a new
era of intellectual women. Yuting wore a cheongsam with an
unexpected classical and elegant temperament. Suddenly I
remembered a famous Chinese actress who looks like her.
Is it another celebrity silicone  realdoll.

S6 161cm Yolanda - Close Eye
Africa love doll
Yellow skin tone represents Asia, white skin tone represents
Europe, red skin tone represents native America in US and
First Nations in Canada, black skin tone represents Africa,
each skin color has its own unique charm, and the black-skinned
sex doll can be described as sexy. Yolanda, She is the soul
representative of African real sex dolls. She has more sexy
glamour when she closes her eyes. I am always attracted
by this black-skinned sex doll.

S7 161cm Yolanda - Open Eye
curly hair black hair sex doll
This sex doll is the most popular black-skinned African love
doll in Sino-doll, so Sino-doll has launched two styles, and

you like it is definitely your worth buying sex doll.

Please stay tuned and we will update the Episode 2

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