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The 2019 Sino-doll Sex Doll Head Collection - Find Your Dream Girl (Episode 2) 20 Jun 2019

Episode 2 is coming.......

S8 152 Chulian

Chulian is full of student and next door girl style.
The white skin with a pure appearance allows you to recall
the beautiful memories of campus love. So she is a hot silicone

sex doll.

Japanese life-size sex doll

S9 152 Ruoshui
S9 is an upgraded version of S8 (first love), Ruoshui is
younger sister of Chulian, She has a charming dimple and
a lovely smile. Both Rushui and Chulian are representative
of Asian school girl sex dolls.

schoolgirl sex doll

S10 152 Amanda
Sino have representatives Eastern school girl sex doll, it is
not doubtable that Sino also has Western school girl.
S10 Amanda A blond campus girl sex doll has independent
ideas and unique personality. Cleverness is her charm, and
beauty is her strength.

blonde real doll

S13 159 Aurora
Aurora, with traditional European blood, Chestnut skin tone,
beautiful freckles and plump lips. She is an ideal European sexdolls.

european sexdoll

S14 159 Selina
Looking at her eyes, she can firmly catch your heart.
Selina is a sexy western cowboy sex doll, bold, wild and
passionate, she can bring you unlimited possibilities.

tan skin wild sex doll

S15 161 Chuxia
Chuxia represents the young girls who are rebellious. If you
don't like to be bound by the rules, just break the boring rules.
The sexy girl is her label.

full size young teen sex doll

S16 161 Chuxue
On the contrary, Chuxue, she is a elder sister of Chuxia,
intellectual, mature is her representative. A friendly appearance,

a sweet smile and a pair of talking eyes, is this the mature realism doll you want?

white skin love doll full size

S17 159 Aura

Passion and openness are our high praise for European women.
Being able to get pleasure in sex is a basic requirement,
and we can achieve self-confidence visually. This is the

main reason why we launched this face of climax sex doll.

big breast love doll tan skin

S21 155 Yuwen
without the gorgeous clothes, you can see the purity and
innocence of the soul; without the makeup of the makeup,
from this BBW sex doll you can feel that girl's beauty and
gentleness from the heart. There is no doubt that she brings
inspiration from the natural beauty to the head carving master;
but we are not willing to let her beauty stay in the ordinary
life and wait for others to discover. With the body of BBW
let her become the focus of everyone, pure face and hot

body that she will become a hot sale sex doll.

Asian bbw sex doll

S22 155 Mo
S22 Mo's creation is based on Japanese anime cartoons.
The big eyes, narrow nose, small mouth and sharp chin
are the characteristics of the cartoon characters. There
are many realistic sex dolls on the market, but there are
very few companies who can create anime sex dolls from
a virtual world. We believe that anime BBW sex doll will

be another new benchmark in the sex doll industry.

anime sexdoll full-size

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