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In the sex doll industry, many sex doll manufacturers use TPE to produce realistic sex dolls, a small number of sex doll manufacturers use high-quality silicon materials to produce silicone sec dolls.

Many customers are currently confused in TPE sex dolls and silicone love doll, because many TPE material dolls are named custom silicone sex doll.

Therefore, Sino-doll's products have obtained the quality inspection certificate, we are responsible for assuring our customers that the materials we use are all realistic silicone love dolls made of pure silica.

The Sino-doll series is launched for every customer to experience the best silicone love dolls from the Chinese sex doll manufacturers.

Sino-doll sex doll certificate of RoHS
sino-doll sex doll certificate
silicone love doll certificate

Certificate of Compliance

Certificate of Deelay

Certificate of Deelay

China silicone sex doll certificate

Inspection Report of China

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