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Enterprise Features

Implanted Hair

Hair implants are a long time and require patience to complete. 

As a silicone sex doll manufacturer, we have a responsibility to 

meet the special needs of each customer for a sex doll.


In order to ensure that each lifelike love doll can be

delivered to the customer in time, we have our own 

warehouse to store the product.

Implant hair for sex doll head
Sino-doll storage - platinum silicone sexdoll


Packaging can reflect whether a real doll company really loves 

these silicone sex dolls. We have 3 kinds of packaging methods 

for customers to choose flight case, wooden box and carton packaging.

In order to prevent the doll from receiving any damage,the foam is completely

 surrounded inside the sex doll to ensure 100% protection doll perfect.

Mold establishment

Every part of the most realistic silicone sex doll is cloned from 

the real body, For example, the vagina, anus and skin texture, 

because only the real human experience can be considered by 

users to be best silicone sex dolls.


Make up

Permanent makeup - in the case of reasonable use, 

we can guarantee that your doll's makeup will not fall off easily.

Trim Curve

Details make a difference. Every pruning has been carefully

thought out, just to show the curves of each doll perfectly.

Sino-doll sex doll make-up
Trim Cure for silicone sex doll 

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