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Sino-doll 4th Anniverary Celebration-Biggest Promotion Ever 2022-03-25

In 2022, we will continue to make persistent efforts to achieve good results. Like the previous anniversary celebrations, Sino-doll will also prepare a special gift for new and old customers. Thank you for your support and trust. This time, we specially customized soft and comfortable pillows with double sided patterns of T1 Miyou and T17 Minan. You could hold it yourself, give it to your doll, or hold your doll and the pillow as you like.

We will include the pillow for orders placed during the promotion period and orders completed from April. Gifts are limited, while stocks last.

Is this the end? Of course not! Without further ado, let’s talk about the promotions that everyone cares about most, which is the biggest promotion for Sino-doll series. This promotion will cover full series of dolls, including Top-sino, XNXdoll, GD Sino, and Sino-doll series. True unboxing review will be requested for this promotion as usual. For specific price details, please contact with us directly via email:

Besides, there is also a surprise that you absolutely did not expect!
We will offer Sino-doll's first 1/3 silicone figure doll (special gift version for the 4th anniversary celebration) for free during this promotion. It is with skeleton of Top-sino series, miniature version of the craftsmanship, realistic skin texture, etc. However, please note that figners joints and sexual function will not be available. And it is not for sales for the time being!
During the event, customers who place order for full size dolls from XNXdoll, Sino-doll and GD Sino series can get a 1/3 silicone figure doll for free (without upgraded body painting, valued at CNY3,600.00);
Customers who place order from Top-sino series during the event can get a 1/3 silicone figure doll for free (with upgraded body painting on the body, valued at CNY4, 800.00);

Remarks: There are two types of body size differing from breasts to choose from. The head defaults to be a mini version of the S30 Linyin. A wig and a set of clothes will be included. P.S. We will also need unboxing review for this 1/3 silicone figure doll. Please contact Sino-doll for further information.

-Limited time for promotion above: 2022.3.25-2022.3.31
-The above products are custom-made products. Once the deposit is paid, it will not be returned or changed. Please understand.
-The final interpretation right of this promotion belongs to Guangdong Shunde Xiannaxin Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

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