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The Review Of S22 Anime Sex Doll and 155cm Body 2019-06-05

Sino-Doll Sex Doll Review From TDF

Thank you a buyer who is from The Doll Forum (TDF) to share his detailed

review and excellent photo shoot.Let's take a view photo shoot from this buyer:

S16 BBW body Asian Sex Dolls Chu Xue

Asian cosplay sex doll bbw body

In the review, he mentioned that our packaging system is the safest in

China's sex doll manufacturer industry. In whole shipping,

the BBW sex doll didn't had any damage excluded the plastic

worn from the bottom edge of the box from Fedex dragging it.


He mentioned that the labia of the silicone doll has greatly improved

compared with the labia of the past, so we want to through this news to

explain how we improved the problem of tearing the labia of the silicone sex doll:

Why is there a problem with the previous labia tear?

It is because of previous old process and vagina installation way.

Although the vagina appearance will be more real and pretty,

the vagina entrance is not that wide and the skin thickness around

vagina entrance is hard to control, so it is easy to get tear issues.

In this way of improvement, the tears won't happen easily anymore.

Meanwhile, the buyer gave a high rate to the ultra soft vagina of Sino-doll sexy doll,

he has been tried other brand sex doll like Your doll sex doll, SL love doll, WM sex doll

and other brand sex doll, but there aren’t have a brand can give him real experience.

Hand and Foot Painting:

The combination of real-life textures and paintings(Hand & Foot) can make

real sexdoll look more realistic and vivid.

Metal Skeleton & Weight & Seams:

Customer can request us to adjustment the metal skeleton loose or tight,

due to this buyer request tight metal skeleton, so this BBW sex doll is able

to stand in heels.For the seams of sino-doll sex doll, we are getting better than

before by improved technology, the seams is practically invisible if you aren't

pay attention on the seams.

Big chest, thick thigh, wide buttocks; Many people think that the weight of BBW dolls

will be very heavy, that only strong people can lift the dolls, but in fact you are wrong,

this body of BBW sex dolls only 32kg. Although only 32kg does not affect this doll completely

has a full chest, firm thick legs, wide buttocks.

This figure makes people look juicy and delicious, so she is worth buying.

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